Happy Birthday Super Fan!

I’d like to thank all the musicians that have shared their music with us all over the past year. It’s been really fun receiving CD’s in the post and adding them all to my play list. It’s also really nifty to see my stats that tell me that the Super Fantastic Ultra Show is being listened to all over the world. Every day we get hundreds of listeners. Some come from the iTunes directory, others come from Google searches, Yahoo, MSN… so many people searching for the musicians that I play. Many times this show is the only place on line to hear these artists.

If you enjoy this podcast, please tell at least one person today about it. Spread the word. I work so hard compiling these shows together, and I’m doing it all just for the love of the music. I have a gigantic collection of home recordings, band demos, and strange stuff that it’s a pleasure to have the chance to share it with others. Please help me out and turn someone on to our image enhanced podcast. The more the merrier.

Today’s show has some great tunes by Blueberry, Mitchell Vaillant, Liz Downing, Rain Station, The Gorehounds, and Psycho Semantics. All of whom have contributed a great deal of time and talent to our past year of shows. I also want to be sure to thank everyone else that has sent me their CD, so THANKS!!!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – July 12, 2006