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Weird Video Movies

SPAMCAM.comArchiving one’s own past is a bit weird. Have you ever been moving, packing, or searching for something, and find yourself lost in an old journal, photos, or old letters. Remembering past times, good and bad? Often a simple object will trigger a memory long forgotten, and it can feel really good to take this trip down memory lane.

Much of SuperFan is just that, my old recordings and demo tapes I’ve collected since the 70’s. Beyond the old cassette tapes, I also have a bunch of VHS video tapes that need to be transferred to digital format, and compressed into formats that will play on line. That way everyone can see ’em!

Wankin’ Woo Woo Productions was my production company’s name back then. It really captured the, “Ah – just do it” improvisational no budget approach our video projects took. I produced a few crappy homemade videos over the years. At that time, having graduated from art school (1986 MICA in Baltimore), most of my friends were arty freaks, and we would all have a lot of fun making video movies together. Our cameras were old, clunky and huge, and took an entire VHS tape inside them. We edited between two VHS decks. Not an easy way to edit when compared to a Mac these days. I’m glad those days of A/B Roll Deck editing are over.

Making the movie was a party, then watching the movie was a reason for yet another party. We had a great time. Now is the happy home of the Wankin’ Woo Woo. I will post entire movies there as I convert them into QuickTime videos for you. If you find a movie amusing, please tell a friend or two. Gather around the monitor, have a party with us.

Hoagie Malone

The Beating Of The Child – ABCs

In today’s podcast we read you, The Beating Of The Child, a twisted little bedtime story with pictures and everything, so get your Teddy Bear and snuggle up… The song ‘Feel’ by Strip Karaoke gives us a nice groove, and then Miss Hazel from Modern Wife shows us a fun project, How to make Shrunken Heads from Avocado Skins. Remember to view our podcast inside iTunes, and open the song art window to see our images while you listen! Click below to start podcast.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – July 17, 2005