The War Show

Turmoil takes hold, battles rise and fall. War rages out on the field, and in each home. To help those out there fighting to will up enough strength to survive, we have a fun assortment of songs. This image enhanced podcast also caters to those that miss someone far far away. So many families are broken up due to wars of all kinds. Wars can hide almost anywhere. Between two people, between two countries. This is The War Show.

The War Show starts out with Liz Downing and Old Songs Ancient Greek Poetry with the track: Truly I Wish To Die. Frank’s Depression recites his work, Drafted. Punk Rock from Portland Maine, the band, T-2 with their delightful tune: Bombz! This Can Free tell us all about the end of the world with, Was It A Wednesday? Following up is a track by the band V; More Prayers For Boys. To keep us rockin’ Ghost Walks tell us all about Desperate Times. And to finish the set, Mitchell Vaillant takes us under cover Down In Central America. This Podcast was Made with Pride here in the good ole’ USA.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 19, 2006