Hyped 2 Death

The kind folk over at Hyped 2 Death sent me a giant package of CDs. I’ve been listening to them for a while now just to familiarize myself with all the new tunes. Most of the CDs are “Do It Yourself” rock and roll made by a bunch of freaks and weirdos with low budget equipment. My favorite kind of music! Also included is The Shivvers, a nifty teen band that pumps out power pop.

Today’s image enhanced podcast is all from the Hyped 2 Death collection, as they sent me so much music, I thought it would be cool to do a show of all these interesting bands. Be sure to check out Hyped2Death.com for all your DIY, punk, and post punk music. These guys have a lot of stuff to offer. A huge collection.

First up is Teen Line by the Shivvers. Then we get on with my favorite DIY act, The Instant Automatons with, Armchair Politics. Animals & Men tell us all about the Bad Lover. We’ve all been there. Ichkk. Mud Hutters do a great song about potato titled, All About. I really love potato. Any way you cook it, I love the spud. You’ll like the song too. Steve Treatment ends our show with a Change of Plan.

I really appreciate Hyped 2 Death for sharing all these nifty CDs with us all. Be sure to check out more of their music, as they have tons and tons just waiting for your ears to hear. Have a good one, Hoagie.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – May 12, 2006