Blowin’ our Noses

Baby Hoagie came home from “Wee Play” and gave us all the worst flu we’ve had in years. And to add to it all, it just rains and rains here in California. Stuck inside, head all clogged up. Feelin’ miserable… ah-HA! My new theme for an image enhanced podcast! Here are a bunch of songs by a bunch of sickos, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Just don’t get too close, you don’t wanna catch this!

First up is Liz Downing and Daily Grace with the parasitic tune: Blood Fluke. Then the gang from Equator record a strange tune on 4-track while they all had the flu titled: I’m Becoming Psychic. Lots of samples of coughing, hacking and so on, it’s pretty cool. The next song by Gwen Snyder and Blueberry really sets me in a spring time field with dandelions, bees, pollen, and lots of other allergens all floating around. It just feels that way to me, I almost need an antihistamine when I hear this song, titled: Off With My Head, (which is exactly how I feel right now). Then just when you thought it was nice and safe at the podcast, Brent Clifford and the Unknown Rule whip out, Surgical Tool. The cure is far worse than the ailment. Gorehounds finish up with Corpse Worm, and then we all go home because we’re so sick and tired we just can’t take it any more.

So there you have it, tunes for flu and allergy season. Pass me a Kleenex.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – April 8, 2006