Lies! Lies! Lies!

So I have no idea what’s been going on, but it seems like it’s been the month of people not doing what they say. Not showing up on time, two hours late, and not phoning… All kinds of mayhem with banks and electric companies making billing errors. What the hell? I can’t get anything done. It’s making me completely insane… or worse incompletely insane.

Every time I’ve made a plan around someone else, it all fell through. I’m at a complete stand still on several projects, so I thought I’d do something about it. Sit down all alone and put together an enhanced podcast for all you listeners out there. Let me tell you this, I will let nothing get in my way. I am hell bent on getting something done, and as long as blogger doesn’t self implode in the next ten minutes, we should be fine. My fingers are crossed, which makes typing rather difficult.

So if you are feeling held back by all the flakes in your life, this podcast is for you. If every time you make a plan, someone else messes it all up, I feel for ya. If every time you get a bank statement or bill, and it’s wrong – let’s join together and crush the infrastructure. What is wrong with the world of mankind? Have we all lost our minds? It’s like there isn’t a brain among the lot of ’em. I just want to start banging heads together where ever I go, so look out.

We start out with a great Boston band, Laughing Academy with Say What You Will. The Future Chicken Farmers whip out Distemper, which is the exact type of shot I need right now. I’m mad as a dog. Another annoying personality trait, Fickle is also the name of a beautiful tune by Blueberry. Then Equator get out the old 4-track with Lodestone. Pennsylvania rockers Brother Eye give us all a Guilt Trip, and the 3 Pigs Cafe end it all with Liar Liar.

The next time someone lets you down, crank this podcast loud, and just let go. Forget about it all. Keep muttering: It just doesn’t matter – it just doesn’t matter…

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – May 21, 2006