Friday the 13th

What is up with the number thirteen, and why is Friday the day to look out for? I’ve been in tall buildings that didn’t have a 13th floor. It had a 12, 14, 15, and so on. The elevator just skipped it on the panal. Many casinos are built without a 13th floor.

What makes this Friday the 13th so cool is that it’s the first one of the new year, and the moon is full as well. So there, that’s gotta be worth some extra weirdo points.

What else is numbered 13? Hmmmm… There was Jesus and the 12 disciples, that was 13. There were 13 original states to the US. There are 12 Federal Reserves with one main office to run them all, which makes 13. That’s all I can think of right now.

My Friday the 13th set starts out with a track from the Fleshrot CD titled, Last Stand. Equator tells us the tale about the Lodestone, Miles Partridge says, Ouch, Quit It! A great Boston band, Laughing Academy whip out their tune, Snake, and the Jesus Knievel add the icing to the cake with a cover of Strangle Hold. Delicious.

Maybe I’ll wait to post this on the 14th, to be just like the hotels. I’ll join them in 13 denial. Enjoy!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – January 13, 2006