Holiday Blues

I was talking with a few friends and each one had their own tale of the Holiday Blues. Holidays are stressful. I am always amazed at how a time like Christmas, which is supposed to be a time when people celebrate the ones they love, has become a commercialized high pressured event that very few people enjoy any more. I live by a small mall, and when I walk over to get some snacks or Red Bull, I observe all these people rushing about in their SUVs cutting people off, cussing out their windows, all because they HAVE to get presents for all the people in their life. For me it’s just not about that at all. I don’t buy a lot of gifts. If I really know what I want to get someone I do it. If nothing comes to mind, I just give them a hug or a phone call and tell them how much they matter in my life, and that I love them.

I’ve known a lot of folk that get down during the winter months. Winter time depression really takes it’s toll on folk that endure long winters. I’m originally from Maine, and it seems like it’s winter there all the time. Winters seem to claim a lot of lives there. Icy roads cause a lot of crashes. Lack of sunlight and cabin fever adds up to a lot of craziness. I even believe that the folk there in the east coast suffer from heating their homes with petroleum tanks of oil stored in their basement. The fumes collect in their houses because every window and door is closed tight for months. I have lost over 11 friends to car crashes, cancer, and suicide, which all seems to stem from the long winter months stuck in doors.

Even though all this is a very serious subject, I’d rather make light of such things with a set of tunes all about The Holiday Blues. Sometimes the best way to get out of a rut is to see one self through a sense of humor. We start off with Brother Eye performing their song, Oh Well. Dan Hanrahan whips out a quick ditty about life titled: It’s Hard. Equator depresses us all with I Hate My Life, Frank’s Depression recites the very disturbing poem, He Was A Happy Boy, and Jordan Kratz and the Gorehounds finish up with Head Down To The Ground. So there you have it. At least this way you can kinda enjoy your Holiday Blues. Rock on. Merry Christmas everyone!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – December 25, 2005