There is something special about the breed of folk from the state of Maine. Whether or not you have been up north or down east as they like to say, Maine is special for so many different reasons. Partly because of the untouched wilderness, refreshing coastal breeze, delicious produce and sea food, the people are hard working, resilient trust worthy people. Everyone loves Vacationland.

Portland Maine tends to be very punk rock, and some of the bands that come out of Portland are top notch entertainment. When you have winters as long as those folk, there is very little else to do but learn an instrument and form a band. The music scene in Maine is amazing, and any weekend one can go out and catch some great local talent tearing it up at some dingy dive.

My favorite group to come outta Portland Maine is Jordan Kratz and The Gorehounds. The song they are sharing with us today is Crazy Fate. Later on Gorehounds reformed as Big Meat Hammer, but any band lead by front man Jordan is a must see. The mayhem that occurs when ever this guy hits the stage is mandatory viewing as far as I’m concerned. Be sure to check out Jordan’s page on Portland Punk History at: – it’s huge!

Ghost Walks was at one time Maine’s longest running band, and still might be for all I know. For over 12 years they played local venues opening up for The Ramones, Concrete Blonde, Romeo Void, and BB Buele and The Gargoyles. Beth Blood fronts this Punk/Goth Portland Maine based band, and tonight we play their title track song from their CD, Home.

Sonny Probe amuses us all with his song about a 60 foot rock he found in the woods. I’ve seen these here and there on hikes. I always assumed rocks like that were from glaciers. Sonny’s tune, Aurora Erratic explains it all in layman’s terms for us all.

Head Cleaner finishes the set with Time To Go. If you are a Dan Hanrahan fan, be sure to check out this super heavy tune, as Danny’s guitar really rips on this one!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 16, 2005