New York City Talent

I lived in New York City during the last half of the 90’s where I met a whole pile of amazing talented folk. New York is so much fun because it attracts so many creative people. Any where you go, you are surrounded by people, and you are always bound to make a new friend at any turn. It’s the friendliest place I’ve ever lived.

I start off our city-sized image enhanced podcast with Gwen Snyder’s band, Blueberry, with Onlyness, the first track from her CD titled Twilight. Be sure to check out more of Gwenny’s great music at her nifty Flash animated web site:

We have another installment of Frank’s Depression. This time it’s New York City parts 2 & 3. I just love Frank’s Depression Poetry. Great stuff.

Future Chicken Farmers rock our broadcast with Seed Your Clouds. This band used to practice in the basement of the place I lived during my time in NY. Every time I hear this stuff, it really takes me back to those good times.

Mitchell Vaillant (everyone’s favorite New York City Cab Driver), does a live rendition of his song titled, Lockerbie. This is from Mitchell’s Valentine’s Day performance at the Collective Unconscious.

Whether you live in New York City, or are far away and you miss New York City, or if you have never even been to New York City, enjoy the next few minutes via podcast in the Big Apple!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE INHANCED PODCAST – September 11, 2005