Killer Tunes

When I’m sitting on the floor with Baby Hoagie each night watching the Simpsons or South Park (Baby Hoagie’s two favorite shows) I’m always freaked out at the movie advertisements that are so violent. Guns, mayhem, horror movies, it gets really gruesome. Now I don’t have anything against this type of entertainment for those that enjoy it, it’s just that when I’m watching cartoons with my 10 month old, I just don’t expect scenes of torture, death, screaming etc. Baby Hoagie wrinkles up that little baby face and looks at me and says, like, is everything OK?

Well instead of freaking out about it, Baby Hoagie and I decided to just join the idiots with a set of killer tunes, so here’s a fun filled set of music about guns, violence and homicide. Hey if you can’t beat them, join ’em. I mean, most parents would wonder why I let my kid watch South Park, so I guess it’s all based on one’s individual perspective. I guess the reason I allow it, is that the kid loves Cartman, and obviously is upset by scenes of bloody murder and screaming. Ah pop culture…

So get out your big guns, flash a few gang signs, and enjoy our image enhanced podcast of killer tunes.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 24, 2005