Tradition With A Twist

I think it’s really cool when musicians take the traditional music they grew up with, and turn it into something unique for a new generation to enjoy. The freshness of traditional music combined with rock & hip hop influences creates a whole new mix for the whole world to groove to.

Today’s image enhanced podcast starts off with Alin Rogoz who likes to mix traditional Gypsy music with rock, ska, reggae, and hip hop. Alin records on Garageband, and his tunes are excellent. Me and Baby Hoagie hop around and dance every time we play this tune, titled: Gypsy Street.

A few years ago, I was lucky to get a copy of Abdullah Anayat’s CD, The Nomad Of Love. Abdullah is originally from Afghanistan, and combines traditional rhythms with western grooves. This CD can be found at: – be sure to check it out.

Then to cap off this episode, we enjoy a visit from The 8 Ball Girl who helps us all with our most difficult decisions. If you would like to ask The 8 Ball Girl a question, just email us, and we’ll take it from there.

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Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 12, 2005