Gettin’ Weird

There is one zone where the commercial music industry does not go, and it’s the truly weird. I know they get close now and then, but I’m talking about maximum weird here people. Home recording is special because it’s usually being made just for fun, and usually by people that have very little experience. The enjoyment of recording sounds and playing them back can entertain pretty much anyone that can get their hands on the equipment to do so.

There is nothing weirder than home recordings, and I tell you , I know it’s not for everyone. However, I believe that I am a connoisseur of the weird, and I can tell good weird from bad weird. Some things are weird because they are trying to be weird, but the truly magical weird things are those that don’t know they’re being weird. After the experience, great weird things can make us think differently. The weird that changes our minds forever, and changes normal things into unknown territory is the weird I like most. So there.

We start off with my good friend mopehead, with a delightful ditty: To Town I Go, from the Weird Songs CD found only at – so check it out, there’s lots of weird music & Flash animation at this cool site.

Tucker Fucker Katonah! does an impromptu ad for Carvelle Ice-cream.

Honeysuckle does a tune I call Cosmic Cowboy. I am playing Honeysuckle because they are the weirdest band I’ve ever heard that I absolutely love. They freak me out and make me laugh. I hear so many complexities in the noise of this three person act. I cannot believe that anyone would do this, so it amazes me in so many ways, (not all good), but they still amaze me, none the less.

Rain Station likes to goof off when they are doing a sound check, and they make up lots of ridiculous riffs while getting ready to play. It’s actually the best part of the act. Check out, Fancy Pants, it’s funny.

For a while in the early 90’s I lived with a buddy of mine named Brent Clifford. Brent is rock and roll royalty because his dad is Doug Clifford, drummer for Credence Clearwater Revival, one of the greatest bands ever, and still going strong as Revisited. One weekend Brent borrowed my Tascam 4 track and recorded some of the most bizarre stuff I’d ever heard. We end our podcast with the lamenting tale of Poor Little Froggie.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 14, 2005