Love Gone Wrong

A lot of music, movies, and art revolve around the theme of, Love Gone Wrong. Tonight we share two different works that define love gone very very wrong. First up will be Writer/Cartoonist Eve Gilbert reading her story titled, A Swell Guy. For those of you listening via iTunes, Eve’s nifty illustrations will appear in the lower left hand corner in the artwork window. Just click the images in iTunes to pop ’em up BIG for a good look at Eve’s cartoons.

I met Eve in Portland Maine through Frank Hobbs – (aka Frank’s Depression) in 1990. The three of us collaborated on a video short titled: Window Watcher and that’s where I got the audio of Frank reading his poetry. The audio was the soundtrack to our video, but I no longer have the video. Maybe our friend Jordan Kratz still has a copy, who knows? (NOTE: he did have the video which is now up at:

When I moved out west to the Bay Area of California, I bumped into Eve and Frank on the street selling their ‘zines in the Haight. They would often crash in my living room in Berkeley, leaving me free ‘zines when they got up in the morning. I still have them, and these illustrations by Eve are from one of the ‘zines Eve left for me. I recorded Eve at a small East of Market club in San Francisco called The Paradise Lounge in 1991. Eve has an illustrated book you can order through Amazon titled: Tits, Ass & Real Estate. Get it, it’s an amazing story – you just can’t put it down!

After Eve’s terrifying story, T2 does their tune, I Love You Jody Foster, which was inspired by the crazed gun slinger John Hinckley that attempted to assassinate President Reagan to prove his love for Jodie Foster. This was recorded in 1982 in my mom’s garage on a cheap boom box. Jim Lynch wrote this song, and provides great vocals for this Portland Maine based Punk Rock band.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 5, 2005