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Rock The Baby

If there is one thing Baby Hoagie and I enjoy, and that’s hanging out and rockin’ to some great tunes. Baby Hoagie does that cute bop up and down thing when the beat is just right, and it makes me so happy that I thought I’d share a set of Baby Hoagie’s favorite songs.

Today’s image enhanced podcast starts out with Strip Karaoke doing their sweet song, All My Dreams. Ahh the joys of motherhood. Next up is Dan Hanrahan with Forrest Daughter.

Baltimore’s 3 Pigs Cafe amazes us all with Daisy Bed, and then an actual Hoagie Malone original, Daddy’s Home. Mitchell Vaillant ends the set with the very heart felt ballad, Wind In Blue. Mitchell chokes me up every time I hear this song. Gotta love it. So there you go, tunes to Rock your Baby to. Enjoy your nap time. Sweet dreams everyone.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 29, 2005



Every once in a while it’s nice to sit back and listen to some non-vocal instrumental music. Today’s image enhanced podcast starts off with Welcome by Dan Hanarahan, which then turns into The Gorehounds freaking us all out with their sci-fi horror movie inspired instrumental punk rock.

Next up is one of my favorite instrumental bands, Bo Grumpus with Craig Ventresco and Pete Devine. Craig and Petey are often seen in the Haight near Golden Gate Park playing thier amazing Rag Time music on the street. Craig is best known for playing the guitar on the Crumbmovie soundtrack. Craig is an amazing musician, and when you listen to this 4-track recording from 1991, just remember there is only one person playing guitar, although at times it sounds like three or more.

To end the set is The Jesus Knievel doing an instrumental cover of Frankenstein, or is it Smoke On The Water? I’m just not sure, maybe it’s both… all I know is I hear a Tuba in there somewhere, and I just love Tuba.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 20, 2005


Rain Rain Rain!

It’s cold and it’s raining again. Ahh November. Today’s rainy day podcast starts off with Mitchell Vaillant on piano and Steve Berson on bass. The song, It’s Been Raining For 55 Days is from a rehearsal tape recorded way back in 1986. Rain Station whips out Against The Knife with all it’s talk of thunder and lightning and such. Blueberry shares Tears with our listeners, and Allen Frost and Dan Hanrahan tell us that The Dogfish Are Dying For Love in a strange spoken word piece from the Planet Fishing cassette. Baltimore band This Can Free ends the set with Content Warm Smiles (drizzle drazzle). Bring your umbrella.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – November 11, 2005



Hey it’s Halloween weekend, so I thought it’s time to let out the monsters. Everyone loves monsters. My favorite is Godzilla and all the Toho rubber suited creatures from Japan. Who’s your favorite monster? Plus I have the seasonal croup, so I totally sound like a monster during this image enhanced podcast, so look out, I’m a little groggy sounding.

First up it’s MITCH from the NobodyRecords.com collection performing a tune appropriately titled, Monsters – Creatures. Then after that Mitchell Vaillant tells us all about King Kong’s life after the movie when he’s a washed up Hollywood nobody selling Amway door to door. So sad. This song can also be seen as an animation at Mitchell’s web site, This Can Free.

Rain Station whips out Monster Hunter from their Dark Ride CD. Be sure to check out all the nifty Halloween songs from this disc at JackOLantern.org which has a lot of the tunes as Flash Animations. Ya gotta love Flash Animation. I know I do.

The Jesus Knievel whips out a nifty live version of Gremlin. Ya gotta love any band with a tuba, and I love Jesus Knievel. Last up is Jordan Kratz and The Gorehounds doing a self titled song all about being a Gorehound.

So there you have it. Be sure to play this podcast really loud as you get into your Halloween costume this year. When me and Baby Hoagie show up at your door, be sure to give us lots of candy! Trick or Treat!!!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – October 28, 2005



I remember the days when there were no “smoking sections”. The reason for this is that everything was a smoking section. People everywhere were smoking cigarettes all the time.

It was some kind of Sacred Rite that united many people. For instance at work there is always two groups. The smokers and the non-smokers. Now a days these groups often clash. Non-smokers are vocal about the quality of their air these days, but not so in the recent past.

Back when I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s I remember being a second-hand chain smoker. Literally. Every place I went people were there smoking. My grandma smoked Benson & Hedges, my uncle Tim smoked Camels. Other friends and family smoked Lucky Strike and Marlboros in the home I grew up in. People didn’t think about all that health stuff back then. Kids just grew up in the smoky environment.

I never became too interested in smoking tobacco. I didn’t like the smell, and it bothered me to be inside breathing thick cigarette smoke, so I did not ever start smoking tobacco. I still think it’s people’s personal right to smoke if they want, but I’m glad when they all do it outside these days. Thanks to all you smokers that go outside to smoke. Thanks for the air.

Restaurants and Airplanes were the worst places to be trapped in a wall of smoke. Can you imagine being on an 8 hour east coast to west coast non-stop flight sucking a whole plane’s worth of exhaled stale cigarette smoke? It is a torture of it’s own kind.

The only thing that bugs me about cigarette smokers now a days stems from the good thing that smokers are now going out doors to smoke. It’s when they put their butts out everywhere, and I hate to see the trash. I don’t care what you do to your own lung, but leave the side walks clean, is what I say.

So here is an image enhanced podcast for all you iTunes listeners that is truly Smokin’! Thanks to Brother Eye, Miles Partridge, Frank’s Depression and Mitchel Vallaint/Carlos Car for providing us with such Smokin’ Tunes.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – October 21, 2005


Spooky Halloween Tunes

OK OK I know I’m a Halloween Nut, but I’m not alone. Once again I bring you some more Halloween themed songs to get everyone in the proper creepy mood. Baby Hoagie was born Halloween night, and will be having a first birthday party soon, so grab your mask and pillow case, and let’s all go out Trick or Treatin’ together to celebrate.

First up is another song from Rain Station’s CD, Dark Ride, and this is my favorite song on the disc, it’s called, Candy, and I love it. You can see fun Flash Animations of this and several other songs from Dark Ride at the nifty web site JackOLantern.ORG – so be sure to check out the goofy Halloween Flash Animations, (kids love ’em). You can hear the entire Dark Ride CD as well as many others at Mark Harvey’s 13thTrack.com – so be sure to get over there for a Halloween-O-Licious time.

Baltimore is a great place to experience Halloween. It has a very old european feel that only the old east coast cities have. The 3 Pigs Cafe come from Baltimore, and today are performing a song titled: Playing Gravestone.

Then, just when you thought it was safe, The Gorehounds tear the place up with a tribute to the Masters of The Macabre. Jordan and the band pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft and the 1930’s horror comic, Weird Tales. Jordan reads while the band flips out behind him. A great way to open up any live show indeed. Recorded LIVE in Portland Maine at Geno’s Pub.

So strap on your head phones, kick back, and get ready for some spooky Halloween music to rock your night right. Happy Halloween everybody!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – October 14, 2005


Beautiful Women

Ahhh, what makes a beautiful woman? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a specific physical type, it all seems to be completely based on personality. I just fall in love with amazing creative outgoing spirits, and female musicians have a special place in my heart. Music touches the soul, and when I’m out enjoying a band or performance I just melt when there is a beautiful woman on stage doing what she does best.

In college at the Maryland Institute of Art, I met a grad student whose paintings and sculpture blew my mind. This artist is Elizabeth Downing. Later on when she formed several art-rock bands, I totally fell in love. I mean, I had the biggest crush on this gal, and continue to watch her career. Today’s tune by Liz is Dark Winter Years, performed by her Baltimore based band, The 3 Pigs Cafe.

Next up is the amazingly talented and beautiful Gwen Snyder with her way cool lounge band, Blueberry. She sings the sweetest song for us titled: Hunny Bee. I first heard this song as a sample from her website, and I just knew I had to get the entire Have Another Pillow CD. You should get it too, as it’s a great disc by a truely beautiful woman.

Michelle Damato and Portland Maine based band Huckaloogie whip out a fun retro tune about JFK and Jackie titled: Jelly Donut. Michelle has the sweetest voice, and a great sense of humor. This song was written by her and Mark Bishop recorded on my Tascam 4 track, and I like it a lot.

No show on beautiful women would be complete without a tune by May Ling Su and her band, Strip Karaoke. We wrap up our image enhanced podcast with, The One That Got Away. Enjoy!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – October 1, 2005


Killer Tunes

When I’m sitting on the floor with Baby Hoagie each night watching the Simpsons or South Park (Baby Hoagie’s two favorite shows) I’m always freaked out at the movie advertisements that are so violent. Guns, mayhem, horror movies, it gets really gruesome. Now I don’t have anything against this type of entertainment for those that enjoy it, it’s just that when I’m watching cartoons with my 10 month old, I just don’t expect scenes of torture, death, screaming etc. Baby Hoagie wrinkles up that little baby face and looks at me and says, like, is everything OK?

Well instead of freaking out about it, Baby Hoagie and I decided to just join the idiots with a set of killer tunes, so here’s a fun filled set of music about guns, violence and homicide. Hey if you can’t beat them, join ’em. I mean, most parents would wonder why I let my kid watch South Park, so I guess it’s all based on one’s individual perspective. I guess the reason I allow it, is that the kid loves Cartman, and obviously is upset by scenes of bloody murder and screaming. Ah pop culture…

So get out your big guns, flash a few gang signs, and enjoy our image enhanced podcast of killer tunes.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 24, 2005



There is something special about the breed of folk from the state of Maine. Whether or not you have been up north or down east as they like to say, Maine is special for so many different reasons. Partly because of the untouched wilderness, refreshing coastal breeze, delicious produce and sea food, the people are hard working, resilient trust worthy people. Everyone loves Vacationland.

Portland Maine tends to be very punk rock, and some of the bands that come out of Portland are top notch entertainment. When you have winters as long as those folk, there is very little else to do but learn an instrument and form a band. The music scene in Maine is amazing, and any weekend one can go out and catch some great local talent tearing it up at some dingy dive.

My favorite group to come outta Portland Maine is Jordan Kratz and The Gorehounds. The song they are sharing with us today is Crazy Fate. Later on Gorehounds reformed as Big Meat Hammer, but any band lead by front man Jordan is a must see. The mayhem that occurs when ever this guy hits the stage is mandatory viewing as far as I’m concerned. Be sure to check out Jordan’s page on Portland Punk History at: BigMeatHammer.com – it’s huge!

Ghost Walks was at one time Maine’s longest running band, and still might be for all I know. For over 12 years they played local venues opening up for The Ramones, Concrete Blonde, Romeo Void, and BB Buele and The Gargoyles. Beth Blood fronts this Punk/Goth Portland Maine based band, and tonight we play their title track song from their CD, Home.

Sonny Probe amuses us all with his song about a 60 foot rock he found in the woods. I’ve seen these here and there on hikes. I always assumed rocks like that were from glaciers. Sonny’s tune, Aurora Erratic explains it all in layman’s terms for us all.

Head Cleaner finishes the set with Time To Go. If you are a Dan Hanrahan fan, be sure to check out this super heavy tune, as Danny’s guitar really rips on this one!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 16, 2005


New York City Talent

I lived in New York City during the last half of the 90’s where I met a whole pile of amazing talented folk. New York is so much fun because it attracts so many creative people. Any where you go, you are surrounded by people, and you are always bound to make a new friend at any turn. It’s the friendliest place I’ve ever lived.

I start off our city-sized image enhanced podcast with Gwen Snyder’s band, Blueberry, with Onlyness, the first track from her CD titled Twilight. Be sure to check out more of Gwenny’s great music at her nifty Flash animated web site: BlueberryLounge.com

We have another installment of Frank’s Depression. This time it’s New York City parts 2 & 3. I just love Frank’s Depression Poetry. Great stuff.

Future Chicken Farmers rock our broadcast with Seed Your Clouds. This band used to practice in the basement of the place I lived during my time in NY. Every time I hear this stuff, it really takes me back to those good times.

Mitchell Vaillant (everyone’s favorite New York City Cab Driver), does a live rendition of his song titled, Lockerbie. This is from Mitchell’s Valentine’s Day performance at the Collective Unconscious.

Whether you live in New York City, or are far away and you miss New York City, or if you have never even been to New York City, enjoy the next few minutes via podcast in the Big Apple!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE INHANCED PODCAST – September 11, 2005