Hey it’s Halloween weekend, so I thought it’s time to let out the monsters. Everyone loves monsters. My favorite is Godzilla and all the Toho rubber suited creatures from Japan. Who’s your favorite monster? Plus I have the seasonal croup, so I totally sound like a monster during this image enhanced podcast, so look out, I’m a little groggy sounding.

First up it’s MITCH from the collection performing a tune appropriately titled, Monsters – Creatures. Then after that Mitchell Vaillant tells us all about King Kong’s life after the movie when he’s a washed up Hollywood nobody selling Amway door to door. So sad. This song can also be seen as an animation at Mitchell’s web site, This Can Free.

Rain Station whips out Monster Hunter from their Dark Ride CD. Be sure to check out all the nifty Halloween songs from this disc at which has a lot of the tunes as Flash Animations. Ya gotta love Flash Animation. I know I do.

The Jesus Knievel whips out a nifty live version of Gremlin. Ya gotta love any band with a tuba, and I love Jesus Knievel. Last up is Jordan Kratz and The Gorehounds doing a self titled song all about being a Gorehound.

So there you have it. Be sure to play this podcast really loud as you get into your Halloween costume this year. When me and Baby Hoagie show up at your door, be sure to give us lots of candy! Trick or Treat!!!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – October 28, 2005