Space Aliens

I saw my first UFO hovering over the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the early 90’s. I was working at a summer camp teaching arts and crafts. I was returning after a day off late one night, and way off in the distance I noticed a strange light in the sky. It was triangular, and each point blinked a different color one at a time. Over and over it blinked, yet hovered in place just over Mount Washington.

I sat in the grass and watched for a while, and then it moved to a different place, and continued hovering and blinking. I decided to wake up a buddy of mine to get a second opinion. He was like, “do you know what time it is…” and I go, yeah, but there’s a UFO outside, and I thought you’d like to see it. The two of us climbed out onto the main lodge roof, and sat for several hours watching the blinking lights in the sky. He was glad I woke him. He said he had always wanted to see a UFO, and that if they landed, he would gladly get in and go with them. I agreed.

Over the summer we would see them from time to time. Sometimes there would be many all at once. We even informed the local police, and they told us to phone them the next time we see these mysterious lights in the sky. Well, we did, and they came out, sat in the field with us for about two hours, and we all watched the UFOs dance and hover over these great mountains. No one knew anything about them. The cops made a few phone calls. No, they were not weather balloons, or anything else identifiable. They later told us they received calls about them for the rest of the summer.

The White Mountains are famous for UFO sightings, and we have all heard of the married couple that were abducted and had strange medical tests done on their bodies, well, they were driving through the White Mountains when this happened to them, so the area is just crawling with little green men and space aliens.

I also believe that most UFO sightings are experimental military craft that is top secret, so the UFOs we saw that summer could have just been that. I also believe that the technology is from space craft that have crashed to the earth, and our scientists are using the alien technology to build these military space ships.

So there you have it, a nifty image enhanced podcast with little green men, space ships, and brilliant UFOs. Kick back and enjoy all you sci-fi fans!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 2, 2005