Drinkin’ Music

Here it is Labor Day Weekend, so I wanted to be sure and put together a fun party mix of good time drinking music. Man oh man, where did the summer go? Better have some fun now before the winter winds begin to blow cold…

We start out with a great CD I just got in the post from Miles Partridge with the track: tequila. It rocks. Be sure to check out his web site. The Miles Partridge CD is great from start to finish. It’s amazing to live in a time when people can self produce music of this caliber. Gotta love real indie music. Somebody sign this guy already… c’mon.

Next up is a blast from the past I just know will amuse you. Punk rock from 1982 with the band, T2. They do a great cover of the song, Banned From The Pubs. After that Rain Station slips in with a 4-track recording called Bull Whiskey that totally rocks in a very sloppy drunken sort of way. Party hearty you guys!

We end the podcast with a soothing night cap from Mitchell Vaillant titled: Tapping On My Window. Be sure to check out Mitchell’s web site at ThisCanFree.com for more of Mitchell’s music – all the way from New York City to you.

Bands – Musicians – Comedians – Send us your CD and be heard on The Super Fantastic Ultra Show. What the heck – it’s free publicity for you and some new content for our podcast! For complete details click here. And now – on with the show!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 4, 2005