Work Sucks!

Every time I punch in at work, I can actually feel my soul draining out of me into the time card, and into the veins of my employer giving him my vitality. I believe that the 40 hour work week is “slavery in disguise”… and it’s not disguised all that well either.

Many of the world’s problems come from over production. The pollution and waste that is created due to over production is obvious. There is way too much of way too much these days, and little of it really matters. Most things are not life or death, so therefore are not very important in the long run. Everyone’s home is full of crap they don’t need and yet cannot part with.

I’ve always felt that I was too nice to succeed in business. I’m just not evil enough to be business wise. I cannot naturally do things that hurt other people, and it really gets in my way. I also know that I would never be happy if I was not true to myself, so putting on a business mask in order to be successful, wouldn’t lead to any happiness in the long run either.

So this image enhanced podcast is for all the Working Class Heroes out there that keep the infrastructure from collapsing. A big ‘Thanks’ is in order. Without these hard working people, we wouldn’t have the convenience of electricity, running water, my precious internet connection, or food.

If you have a job, this podcast is for you. If you hate your commute, boss, job, co-workers, or any part of your work day, this broadcast is for you. I have posted this on a Sunday so that you can enjoy this podcast during your Monday commute. Take care, my heart is with you all!!!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 21, 2005