Sexy Songs

People just love sex, well, because that’s where people come from after all. So what could be better than a bunch of sexy songs for you all to enjoy. The subject of sex has always been such a funny thing to me. Why are people so freaked out by sex? Sex is somehow treated like it’s criminal, or worse, it’s treated so boringly. I mean TV shows us a million ways to kill each other, but only a couple ways to love one another. What’s up with that?

This sexy podcast us full of sexy guys and gals singing a sexy song or two. It gets rather explicit at times, but that’s the fun of it.

The Amazing Love Spitoon from Portland Maine do an improvised song and dance called: Teenage Prostitute. Strip Karaoke shares two songs with our listeners today, first Big Dick, and lastly I Like Her Tits. These two very sexy songs sandwich Mitchell Vaillant’s tune: Harper’s Ferry. I’m sure Mitchell is glad to be sandwiched between May’s two Strip Karaoke tunes. Mmmmmmm.

If you listen to this podcast during your commute on the bus you may get a big boner, so listener beware and be sure you don’t embarass yourself. Enjoy.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – August 24, 2005