Frank’s Depression

Welcome to another image enhanced podcast. On today’s show we have the way cool band, Huckaloogie performing the song, Rose Bush, recorded on 4-track at the band’s Portland Maine apartment. We also tell you about the delicious chocolate and oatmeal Poodle Turds cookies that I just ate a whole bag of. Mmmmmm. You gotta try ’em!

We also introduce a new feature: Frank’s DepressionPoetry by Frank Hobbs, 1966-1996. I met Frank in Portland Maine at a vintage rock and roll clothing shop called Suitsmi. When I moved to San Francisco, I bumped into Frank on the street. No matter where I went whether it was New York City, San Francisco, or Portland Maine, I would see Frank’s graffiti on walls and the back of street signs: Franks Depression with the famous frowning “un-smilie”. Usually our podcast is very tame, but Frank’s poetry is punk rock, so expect a few cuss words, but hey… it’s poetry! Frank has been gone now nearly ten years, but his spoken word recordings live on. Enjoy the show!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – July 19, 2005