Dan Hanrahan & Head Cleaner

Another great home recorded band I have in my cassette tape archives is Dan Hanrahan and Head Cleaner. This image enhanced podcast starts out with a live rockin’ song, called Head Burner, that was recorded in Portland ME at Genos. Sound that night was by Jordan Kratz, and it was a great show. The podcast ends with an acoustic tune titled, Without You, that I recorded on 4 Track in Berkeley California, and it’s performed just by Danny. Great stuff. Even better – the old Head Cleaner posters have comic book style characters illustrating the lyrics of their songs. We’ve added the cartoons to the image enhanced podcast, so be sure to listen using iTunes to see the Head Cleaner Comics!

Also on this show is another piece from Frank’s Depression. I’m really glad to have found this old cassette tape Frank and I recorded on a Tascam 4 Track back in 1990. We recorded the whole thing in the basement of Beth Blood’s place, Suitsmi in Portland Maine.

The 8 Ball Girl pays us another visit answering the world’s questions using her mighty powers of prediction. Be sure to email us your questions to be read and answered on the show, and the lovely 8 Ball Girl will let you know what her Amazing 8 Ball says.

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Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – July 23, 2005