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Haunt Your House

For those of you that would like some spooky audio to haunt your home with this Halloween, here is a free MP3 from Mark Harvey’s CD, Pumpkinland 2. This haunted soundscape is titled Caverns, and is part of the Pumpkinland CD Trilogy available at 13thTrack.com. If you love Halloween, or are looking for some scary soundtrack music to haunt your house with, you have to check out the Pumpkinland series, it’s very good for creating the perfect creepy mood, without sounding like corny movie music. Caverns is just a sample of the many frightening moods Mark creates at Pumpkinland Studios.

The MP3 below is perfect to loop all night long as you hand out candy to your trick or treaters. You can also haunt your cubicle at work, just leave it playing when you go off for lunch to keep your co-workers wondering. Heck, if you are totally hard core, listen to it on the bus or on your commute just to feel strange and creepy. What the heck, it’s October – Goth it up freak face!

MP3 PodcastPODCAST – October 8, 2005

Halloween Music

I’m always so happy when I go to the local shops and see the first Halloween decorations on display. Ahhh Fall, it’s got to be the best part of the year. Perfect breezy days, cool crisp air, trees turning color. I love it.

I have a huge collection of Halloween Music. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I collect music, so it only makes sense that I’d have a lot of Halloween Music in my collection.

If you love Halloween, I have a bunch of great links for you to enjoy, as well as an image enhanced podcast of some of my favorite Halloween Songs.

First up is Mark Harvey from Nobody Records and 13thTrack.com doing an original tune titled, It’s Halloween. Mark is even more of a Halloween enthusiast than me, and that’s saying something. He owns the largest on line collection of Halloween Music at his site 13thTrack.com – be sure to check his site out, it’s sooooo cool!

After Mark’s song, my good friend Mitchell Vaillant performs All Hallows Eve with a cast of thousands. Even Bella Lagosi makes a cameo just to add spooky atmosphere.

Rain Station has a nifty CD of Halloween Party Songs they recorded titled: Dark Ride. I play a track titled Trick or Treatin’ which really captures the old fashioned ritual of Trick or Treating I grew up with. Gosh I miss those good old days. The Dark Ride CD also has a few of it’s songs animated at the way cool Flash site, JackOLantern.org – so be sure to watch the fun cartoons at this site to get in the Halloween mood.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 9, 2005