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How To Make Resin Toys Video 4: Black Rub

Black Rub is a paint technique where you cover a resin toy with black acrylic paint, then rub it off with a damp paper towel. You leave black paint in the deep areas to show of the detail of the toy. Black Rub gives the toy an antique look. Check out the rest of my videos on How To Make Resin Toys.

How To Make Resin Toys Video 3: Pouring Resin

Video series based on my book, How To Make Resin Toys by J.E.Moores. Here I show how each mold has its quirks. Because of air bubbles I have to shake, jiggle, and swirl some of my molds to get resin into all the trouble spots. This is why you have to design your original with gravity in mind. If your design does not go with the flow, your castings will have bubbles. See more videos of how to make resin toys.

How To Make Resin Toys Video 2: Go With The Flow

When designing your original art you have to consider gravity. The liquid resin can only go where gravity will take it. Complex shapes require Block Molds with proper vents. This is why it is good to start with a simple shape that is easy to mold and cast when starting out. A tapered “lump” will cast easy in a Glove Mold. More videos on How To Make Resin Toys.

How to Make 3D Photos

Jay shows how he makes 3D anaglyph photos using a digital camera and free software called: StereoPhoto Maker. You need red/blue 3D glasses to view anaglyph photos. Here’s more info on how to make 3D photos.

Our visit to Parks & Wildlife

We paid admission, walked through the gate, and a giant clap of thunder started the hardest rain I’ve seen since arriving in Quezon City, Philippines. We stood under a tarp and ate hamburgers and went home wet.

Walk through of Batasan

We went out into our neighborhood in Batasan to buy some roasted chicken for lunch. This is our walk home. I love all the interesting stuff in the neighborhoods here. I like to see the people, how they live and work, as well as the animals, like chickens, dogs, cats. So much texture, mixes of old and new, and amazing fruit colors.

Batasan Kitty

This is our neighborhood in Batasan Hills in Quezon City, Philippines. Check out how the intersection does not have a traffic light. Every man for himself. We cross this intersection everyday to go out for various needs. No one really wants to stop for anyone else, so it’s a game of chicken. If any place needs a stop light, it’s this busy intersection. Even the kitty knows this is insane. She told me so.


Today we harvest the coconuts from our tree.