Freaky Weekend

Ever have a Freaky Weekend? For some people every weekend is a Freaky Weekend. But that’s just too much for me. Freaky Weekends wear me out and make me tired. Now I don’t know what you’d consider a Freaky Weekend. We all have different limits. All I know is that I just had a Freaky Weekend, and now I’m really really tired.

To start off this Freaky Weekend we’ve got the Gorehounds with a hard driving beat bringing us the Voodoo Priest. Frank’s Depression delights us all with Untitled III. Brother Eye enters the stage with Overture in Brown. Gwen Snyder and her band Blueberry lulls us with the White Fang Lullaby. And several Strange Ghoulish Shapes float high up over Dan Hanrahan, and the Fleshrot CD finishes the set with a Drink To The Dead. It was freaky…

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – February 26, 2006