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Over At Grampy’s House

Malaya sings Over At Grampy’s House from the 1935 public domain Max Fleischer cartoon, Betty Boop and Grampy.

Sad Silence

Music by my band Rain Station with video footage I shot in the Philippines. Sad Silence from the CD: Underground. More Rain Station music at: RainStation.com

Blanket of Dreams

Music by my band Rain Station, with video I shot in the Philippines. Blanket of Dreams from the Living Room Sessions. More Rain Station music at: RainStation.com

Door to Door

Rain Station song: Door to Door with footage from Batasan, Quezon City in the Philippines. Check out more from my band at: RainStation.com

Give the World

Rain Station song from the CD: Underground, Give The World sung by me, Jay. Video footage from the Philippines. More Rain Station music at: RainStation.com

It Doesn’t Show

Hey this is Jay from Rain Station. Check out my video of Quezon City, Philippines and our tune, It Doesn’t Show from our CD: Stonedozer. For more Rain Station music check out: RainStation.com

Our visit to Parks & Wildlife

We paid admission, walked through the gate, and a giant clap of thunder started the hardest rain I’ve seen since arriving in Quezon City, Philippines. We stood under a tarp and ate hamburgers and went home wet.

Walk through of Batasan

We went out into our neighborhood in Batasan to buy some roasted chicken for lunch. This is our walk home. I love all the interesting stuff in the neighborhoods here. I like to see the people, how they live and work, as well as the animals, like chickens, dogs, cats. So much texture, mixes of old and new, and amazing fruit colors.

Bayview Park Hotel Manila

Here at the Bayview Park Hotel in Manila Philippines their website advertises free WiFi and free breakfast for all rooms, but they charged us for both, AND the room leaked from the A/C until the tile floor was a giant puddle. We had to argue with the manager and show her the hotel website before she would refund us for the surprise charges at the end of our stay. She told us the WiFi and breakfast was not free because we booked online from their website… which states both are FREE… Once we showed her the website she had to make a bunch of phone calls to refund us our money and it took about an hour to fix while my daughter had to wait. If you need to visit the US Embassy in Manila I would advise you to stay anywhere else but this scam hotel.