Our 50th Show!!!

We’re celebrating our 50th podcast here at the Super Fantastic Ultra Show. We’re half way to 100!

We start out with a new CD from the New York band, Makar and their tune, Alligator Agents. (If you are in a band, be sure to post us your CD, just click the ‘Send Us Your CD‘ link for details). After the Alligator Agents get off the stage, Mark Harvey and the S.S. MOPEHEAD makes a bit of a wake with, My Orders Take Me Out, a strange and trippy recording from the Flash Animated Adventure. Gwen Snyder and her amazing band Blueberry perform Le Mat (The Fool), which is a very good card indeed. The amazing Dan Hanrahan lends us another version of his song Roderick, and then Equator frightens us all with the manic performance titled, Why Won’t You Go Up To The Gallery With Me? Then, if that was not enough, here to show us all how it’s really done, Lurch and Holler tell us all about Vertical Stripes.

So there you go. Fifty shows and counting. The megs pile up… can my web host handle it? Will I receive overage bills… I don’t know. All I know is I keep making these things. If you enjoy our little show, please do say hello – click here and leave us a message. Enjoy the show:

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – January 20, 2007