Those Crazy Kids!

Now that Baby Hoagie is 2 years old I spend a lot of time running around the house after this crazy kid. I can hardly find the time to cast my pod these days. Then I thought, that’s the perfect theme for a podcast posted in December, Those Crazy Kids!

Dan Hanrahan starts the show with Head Cleaner’s tune: Josie. Mark Harvey tells us a little about being Older & Wiser. Equator gets out the old 4 track with Happy Home. Portland Maine’s Love Spitoon does their inspired version of Strawberry Fields. The Instant Automatons tell us over and over that Gillian is Normal. Lurch and Holler bring us all a lot of Happiness, and then to top it all off Mitchell Vaillant introduces us all to Rumplestiltskin himself.

Enjoy the holidays, and if you’re one of those crazy kids that just got a new iPod for Xmas, be sure to add our little show to your iTunes podcast list. Wucka wucka.

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – December 13, 2006