Baltimore Bands

I moved from Portland Maine to Baltimore Maryland in 1982 to attend college at Maryland Institute of Art. Baltimore is an amazing place. It has a dark old world feel to it. You gotta love east coast cities for the old brick buildings. The town is full of some of the most creative people I have ever met, and living there really inspired me.

Baltimore is famous for it’s kitschyness. John Waters and his movies have made Baltimore even more famous for it’s big hair, big lips, big… everything.

Baltimore also has a bizarre darker side. It’s very witchy and full of weird voodoo shops and the like. I met more witches, urban druids, Wiccans, neoists, Subgenius, and other intense cosmic folk in Baltimore than any other place I’ve ever lived. It seems to draw a lot of different spiritual folk to it’s all night orange glow. I believe that the orange glow is from the high pressure sodium lights that keep the streets lit at night, but I’ve never seen another city glow quite like Baltimore.

I met many musicians during my four years in Baltimore. Today’s image enhanced podcast captures some of the amazing talent that was going on around me at this time. The All Mighty Senators bring down the house with Race Car. The amazing Liz Downing and Lambs Eat Ivy whip out the Tibetan Book of The Dead for some song writing inspiration with their delightful ditty, Serpentine. My buddy Mitchell Vaillant and I also met at art school, so last, but not least on our Baltimore podcast is his home recorded tune: Chapel.

If you ever get the chance be sure to visit the Baltimore Aquarium, it is by far one of the most amazing places on earth. I remember late at night hiking down Charles Street just to visit the seals that live in the moat that surrounds the aquarium’s glass pyramid rain forest.

Well, before I go on and on forever, here’s the podcast. Enjoy!

Image Enhanced PodcastIMAGE ENHANCED PODCAST – September 8, 2005