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    Hoagie Malone

    I have been recording musicians, poets, and other freaks and weirdos since the mid 1970’s when good old Grandpa Malone gave me an old reel to reel tape recorder. It nearly weighed as much as me, but it made a great recording.

    I started to record the garage bands and punk bands that sprang up in the Portland Maine area where I grew up. People there know me by the name Jay, but you can all call me Hoagie, just for fun.

    All the music that I play on the Super Fantastic Ultra Show is mostly stuff that I recorded on a Tascam 4 track. I have saved many of these tapes for 25 years or more, and now I finally get to share them via podcast. Otherwise these recordings may never be heard, because only I have them.

    Visit Hoagie's Archives of Home RecordingsI really love home recordings. In the early 90’s I DJ’d a home recording radio show at USM’s college station: WMPG. People would send in demo tapes and home recordings and I would play them on the air. It was very popular, and all the bands would have their friends listen in. There’s nothing cooler than hearing your band on the radio.

    To be totally honest, most of what I have is hundreds of hours of some of the worst recordings ever listened to. It seems if the performance is terrific, the recording is low quality, if the performance sucks, the recording is crystal clear. However, in my many dusty heaps of terrible tapes, there are many jewels to be found.

    Some recordings are precious because they are so bad, they become… well, good again. Such as the band, The Pilots are so bad, they are some how entertaining to me. Nothing funnier than four 13 year old boys arguing between takes etc. Click the cassette tape above to see an entire list of home recordings I have converted to CD so far. There is still a lot more for me to convert!

    Since high school I have always been surrounded by artists and musicians, and with my reel to reel, or later, my 4-Track, I recorded many of them. From Portland Maine, to Baltimore MD, the Bay Area of California, as well as New York City, I have managed to compile a lot of sound recordings over the last 30 years. To add to my collection are the people that have sent me demos to play. I have tons of home recordings and demo tapes to play just for you.

    Subscribe to our PodcastI realized what makes podcasting so cool, is the amateur aspect. I thought it was the perfect venue to share all these old nifty recordings I have stored in the closet for years. All these artists are performing because they love to make music. I recorded them because I thought they were great. Many of these artists are now either dead, famous, or both.

    If you know one of the artists on our show, or if you are one of the artists on my show, I want to thank you all. I thank you all for taking the time to share your music with us. I’m so happy the internet came along so I can share all these great recordings with the world. Every time I’ve moved these tapes, from one city to the next, I always wondered if I was ever going to do anything with them. So… ENJOY!

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