• At Peace

    Date: 2007.01.04 | Category: Podcast | Tags: ,,

    I support peace. I enjoy as much peace as I can get. I wanted to start out this new year with a Podcast that is At Peace, and here it is.

    I start out the show with a new CD from Roy Muniz with his peaceful tune, Wasn’t It You. Next up Strip Karaoke asks us to Come Closer. Mitchell Vaillant delivers a little Professional Help and mopehead lets us all know that It’s About Us. Old Songs brings us The Girls Scattered, Rain Station relaxes a bit with Quiet Morning, and Richard McGhee Star Vocalist does the standard, Leaving On Your Mind.

    Peace is a concept, a feeling. Has there ever been peace on earth, or does peace linger only for a moment, from one person to the next. Maybe there isn’t enough to go around. Who knows? All I know is that everyone wants it. Get a little of yours, enjoy the show:

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